AGT Dunkin’ Save Vote: How do you place a vote on America’s Got Talent?

AGT Season 14 Judges
America’s Got Talent Season 14 judge’s panel in action. Pic credit: NBC/YouTube

The AGT Dunkin’ Save Vote is back for another season of the show. The Dunkin’ Save is something that takes place during the results shows of America’s Got Talent.

Each Tuesday night, acts perform for America, with each of them hoping to make it to the next round. Seven quarterfinal acts advance to the semi-finals each week, but there are two ways to succeed in the voting.

During the Tuesday night episode and until early Wednesday morning, the viewers at home get to take part in the AGT live vote. This vote helps determine the top eight acts each week.

The five top acts automatically move on to the next round, but the remaining three acts are in possible peril. It is up to the viewers on Wednesday night to determine how it could all play out.


What is the AGT Dunkin’ Save Vote?

Toward the beginning of the Wednesday night episodes, host Terry Crews will let the television audience know which acts received the sixth, seventh, and eighth-most votes from the night before. Those three acts then become part of the AGT Dunkin’ Save Vote.

America gets to decide which one of the acts should also join the top five in advancing to the next round by voting online. Then, the other two acts face the judges for a grueling decision. One of the acts moves on, while the other goes home in tears.


The use of the AGT Dunkin’ Save Vote brings a lot of added excitement to the results shows on America’s Got Talent. It also helps increase fan involvement, as the viewers get to take part in what amounts to live polling. Unfortunately for a large chunk of the country, it is only live for NBC viewers in the Central and Eastern viewing zones.

America’s Got Talent airs NBC episodes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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