Whitney Thore is adorable dancing as a child before My Big Fat Fab Life fame

Whitney how she looks today and, right, dancing when she was a girl
Whitney how she looks today and, right, dancing when she was a girl. Credit: TLC/Whitney Way Thore

This week’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life sees Whitney Way Thore and her Big Girl Dance Class take on the rival Trophy Wives Fitness Class in a dance-off.

But Trophy Wives boss Jiya is up against a born talent, as these adorable clips from Whitney dancing when she was a little girl show.

Whitney posted the video on her Facebook page, with the footage made up of three separate clips of Whitney showing off her dance moves as a kid.

The first was filmed in May 1990 — when she would have just turned six (her birthday’s on April 14).

In it she is dressed in a pink leotard and is filmed as she does a cute little routine to…rap!

The second video shows Whitney dressed in a white top and pink shorts, performing moves for the camera while adults sit around socialising.

The third is of her on stage with others dressed in a pink and white frilly get-up with a fluffy boa as a prop.

In the Facebook post says, referring to her dad: “How did Glenn William Thore keep a straight face through all this? ? #MyBigFatFabLife #NoBodyShame.”


Tonight’s episode sees things turn sour when Whitney takes part in one of rival Jiya’s dance classes. But she then pulls out a surprise when Jiya and the Trophy Wives step on to Whitney’s turf.

Roy also puts Whitney on the spot live on air after last week’s face-to-face.

Meanwhile, check out the clip below as Whitney works out with trainer Will — but where is Buddy?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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