Adam Demos: What is the Falling Inn Love star’s height, age and relationship status?

Adam Demos from Falling Inn Love
Adam Demos from Falling Inn Love. Pic credit: Netflix

Many Netflix viewers who watched Falling Inn Love this week were not just impressed by the scenery, some were marveling over newcomer Adam Demos.

In the film, Demos plays Jake, a handyman from New Zealand, who is ready to change Gabriella’s life, by being a good person, ruggedly handsome. And yes ladies, he does take his shirt off.

While his character might be taken in the movie, fans are wondering if the Australian-born actor is single or in a relationship in real life. Well, here is everything to know about Adam Demos, who plays Jake in Falling Inn Love on Netflix.

Who is Adam Demos from Falling Inn Love on Netflix?

Demos is the new lead stole hearts across the world with his role in the new Netflix hit Falling Inn Love. What does he have in common with the character he plays? Both have some experience doing handyman type jobs–he was a construction worker before acting– and both go after what they want with a single-minded focus that is very impressive.

He spoke to Daily Mail at length about having to pretend to be a construction worker and here’s what he had to say:

It’s very bizarre! I remember doing construction when I first started to want to get into acting and then all of a sudden all these years go by and I’m now on set acting like I’m doing construction.

How did Demos kick off his acting career? He told USA Today that he “Called up his mom and said, ‘Can you Google acting classes?'” What a bizarre start for a man who is only headed up in the acting world.

After finding his feet in that acting class (thank goodness for moms who Google), he was in a Lifetime Original Series called UnReal, a satire about reality television.

This is a man who very well may become the next Matthew McConaughey if he can snag the right roles.

For those who are interested in following Adam Demos as he splashes onto the Netflix scene, viewers can follow his posts on Instagram. This is one star who seems downright approachable, and even a little humbled by fame.

More about Adam Demos from Falling Inn Love: His height, age, and is the actor single?

Unverifiable reports have Demos standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 1 inch, this means the 33-year-old actor could make Tom Cruise seem like an ant. As stated above though, he began acting when he asked his mother to Google the profession–and this occurred when he was just 23 years old. With 10 years of hard work, Demos proves time is everything if you have the passion to succeed.

For all the women who are wondering, USA Today also says the Falling Inn Love star is on the market as well as being one of those people who just click with children. He tells the site that he had a blast playing with costar Christina Milian’s daughter Violet.

She’s such a champion. She would be on set all the time hanging out. It’s a credit to Christina, what a great mum she is to her.

He also verified this in an interview with Who back in 2018, where he revealed, “I’m a single man… at the moment!”

So, get him while you can!

Falling Inn Love is streaming now on Netflix.

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