Aaron Altaras on Unorthodox: Who he is and where to find him on Instagram

Aaron Altaras takes a selfie
Aaron Altaras plays Robert on Netflix’s Unorthodox. Pic credit: ©aaronaltaras/ Instagram

Unorthodox, Netflix’s newest sensation is the semi-non fictional story of a Hasidic Jewish woman who fled her community in New York to make a fresh start in Germany.

The cast and crew have been described as an incredibly talented bunch of actors. Oh, and they’re all super good-looking too and have great Instagram accounts.

The character of Robert, played by German actor Aaron Altaras has stood out.

The character is an affectionate and friendly acquaintance of Esther Shapiro, the aforementioned lady (played by Shira Hass), who has upped sticks from Brooklyn to move to Berlin.

So, who is Aaron Altaras?

Altaras has appeared in close to 20 movies and TV shows, which is not bad for someone who’s only 24-years-old.

He has mostly appeared in German productions, but his role in Unorthodox has already brought him global recognition.

He was born in Germany on November 21, 1995, to Adriana Altaras, who is of Croatian Jewish descent. His father is German and is called Wolfgang Boehmer.

His mother, Adriana, was forced to flee Croatia as a child with Aaron’s grandparents because communists were persecuting his grandfather.

In an interview with Metal Magazine, he said that he’s from an “artist’s family.” His mother is a film director and studied acting.

Altaras started acting at just nine years of age when a casting team discovered him for the 2004 TV film, Mogelpackung Mann.

Two years later, he gained attention for his role as a German-Jewish boy trying to come to terms with Nazi atrocities during World War II in Michael Degen’s autobiographical Not All Were Murderers.

He also appeared in Germany’s hugely successful crime drama, Tatort. In 2017 he played a gay professional soccer player in Swiss movie Mario.

Where to find Aaron Altaras on Instagram?

Aaron has a very cool Instagram account, which you can find right here. He posts lots of cool and sexy photographs for his 25,000 followers.

Altaras’s character of Robert is the first person that lead character, Esther Shapiro, aka Esti, encounters when she arrives in Berlin.

The pair meet in a coffee shop after Robert comes to her aid when she struggles to orders coffee. Esti then helps Robert carry all his coffee to his friends.

Unorthodox is based on a memoir written by Deborah Feldman. The best-selling 2012 book of the same name documents her struggle and ultimate rejection of the ultra-orthodox Jewish community she grew up with.

Netflix’s other sensation right now is Tiger King, a documentary series that portrays the bizarre world of exotic animal owners in the US.

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