A Million Little Things return date: When is Season 2 likely to start in 2019 after show was renewed?

Stephanie Szostak and Lizzy Greene as Delilah and Sophie Dixon on A Million Little Things
Delilah and Sophie grew closer during Season 1 of A Million Little Things. Pic credit: ABC

A Million Little Things is over for the season. The ABC show drew many viewers in over the freshman season, many eagerly anticipating the fall return.

Jon’s (Ron Livingston) suicide was the crucial point in the show, and from there, so much has happened. An affair was revealed, cancer had returned, and marriages were tested.

When does A Million Little Things return?

Right now, the only confirmation is that Season 2 was announced. ABC will be bringing back the show and left quite the cliffhanger from the Season 1 finale.

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It was currently airing on Thursday nights, which is where it is likely to stay after moving from Wednesday night where it initially started. Wedging it between Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder was a brilliant move, and the ratings proved that.

What will Season 2 bring for A Million Little Things?

The mystery surrounding Barbara Morgan was handled. After months of speculation, it was revealed that Drea de Matteo’s character was indeed the woman Jon left as a beneficiary. The story played out, and viewers learned that he was struck with survivor’s guilt after the loss of his good friend Dave.

Eddie (David Giuntoli) and Katherine (Grace Parks) looked like they would be reconciling following the blowout from learning he was having an affair with Delilah (Stephanie Szostak). Unfortunately, A Million Little Things left that hanging in the balance as he was about to tell her that he was the father of the baby Delilah was carrying — not Jon.

Delilah went into labor four weeks early, sending everyone into a panic. That is where the season finale ended, leading to speculation that something devastating may be on the horizon. Will this be the big event that Season 2 focuses on?

A Million Little Things returns to ABC in fall 2019.

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