A Million Little Things renewed: What will Season 2 bring?

Gary and Maggie on A Million Little Things
A Million Little Things will be back for Season 2. Pic credit: ABC

A Million Little Things has been a huge hit for the ABC network. While it’s not a surprise that the series was picked up for Season 2, the news is now official and fans of the show can get excited.

The questions and hidden secrets continue to draw viewers in each and every week. Stories that are intertwined and a group of friends who are all grieving an unimaginable loss have come together to make a show worth watching.

The Season 2 renewal news for A Million Little Things was shared earlier today, and already viewers are wondering what Season 2 will hold for the friends in the wake of Jon’s (Ron Livingston) suicide.

What will Season 1 wrap up?

The biggest mystery is Barbara Morgan right now. Who is she and how is she tied into the group of friends? Initially, it was believed that Constance Zimmer was going to play the role, but as it turns out, that was not the case.

Melora Hardin revealed that she was cast on A Million Little Things and now the buzz is that she could easily be Barbara Morgan. Will this wrap up before the season finale or will viewers be left wondering about her connection to Jon?

Maggie (Allison Miller) is dealing with her cancer returning. There were some questions about whether she would die, but it looks like things are going in a positive direction. Maggie learned the tumor is shrinking and now, she has hope that she can beat it.

It is unclear whether she will be in remission before the season ends, but there is some hope that Maggie’s news will be good.

When will Season 2 debut?

If A Million Little Things follows suit with the way ABC programming generally lines up, Season 2 should debut in September 2019. The time slot may change but right now, where it is at is giving the show plenty of attention.

Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) is pregnant with Eddie’s (David Giuntoli) baby. The pregnancy will likely be drawn out through the second season as everyone copes with the reality of what is happening around them. Boundaries have been tested, and now, the fallout has to be worked through.

A Million Little Things airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on ABC.

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