A look back at what happened to Lasalle on NCIS: New Orleans

Lucas Black NCIS NOLA
Lucas Black is enjoying life after NCIS: New Orleans. Pic credit: @lucas_york_black/Instagram

NCIS: New Orleans fans were gutted when NCIS Agent, Christopher Lasalle, died during Season 6 of the show.

It was a really shocking moment for viewers, and production had done very well at keeping the big moment under wraps.

As Season 7 of the show approaches on CBS, it’s time to take a quick look back at everything that happened leading up to Lasalle’s death.

What happened to Lasalle on NCIS: New Orleans?

On Season 6, Episode 6 of the show (called Matthew 5:9), Lasalle was investigating the death of his brother, leading him to carry out part of the case on his own.

While he was trying to get information from a woman, Lasalle was led into a trap where he got shot in a cabin. When a shooter stormed the cabin it came out of nowhere, catching viewers off-guard as it went from a slow moment to a tragic incident in less than a minute.

It turned out that the killer (Eddie Barrett) was in charge of a cult and that revelation led to a dramatic fall finale for the show, where Pride (Scott Bakula) ended up killing him.

Barrett was played by talented actor Eddie Cahill, who was well-known as Don Flack on CSI: NY.

Why did Lucas Black leave NCIS: NOLA?

It turns out that Lucas Black wanted to spend more time with his family and that the grueling schedule of filming 20+ episodes of a television show each year became too much for him.

Not only has he been spending more time with his family, but Black has also been doing a lot of fishing in his free time.

Black asked to leave the show and the writers created a storyline that would pack the drama into his exit. The death of Lasalle has certainly left a huge impact on the show and it is still being felt as Season 7 sets to debut.

More NCIS: New Orleans news

The season premiere of NCIS: New Orleans airs on November 8 and fans should note that the episodes are going to air at a slightly different time. The show is back on Sunday nights, with CBS pleased at how well FBI: Most Wanted has done airing on Tuesday nights.

Within the NCIS: NOLA cast, there was a big promotion, as District Attorney Rita Devereaux is going to become a full-time character during Season 7. That’s great news, as it will allow the writers to have more material for Pride.

We may not get to see Christopher Lasalle this season, but any show anchored by Scott Bakula is worth watching.

NCIS: New Orleans airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of NCIS are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Thomas Mero
Thomas Mero
3 years ago

They should have written off to be able to bring him back also his mother should not have lost two sons.