1899: Netflix shares intriguing new poster for its upcoming series

Andreas Pietschmann stars as Eyk Larsen in Netflix's 1899
Andreas Pietschmann stars as Eyk Larsen in 1899. Pic credit: Netflix

With Netflix’s new mystery drama series 1899 set to release next month, the streaming giant has just released an intriguing new poster to whet viewers’ appetites.

1899 is from the same creators as the German-language series, Dark, which turned out to be a huge hit for Netflix.

It will explore the mystery surrounding a deserted ship found at sea by another ship containing migrants traveling to the US.

As of yet, there is very little information beyond the official synopsis but viewers are expecting a connection to the famed Bermuda Triangle when the series drops.

Fans have already been developing their theories as to where the series will take them.

Now, a new poster has been released, and viewers now have something else to pore over until 1899 debuts.

New poster for 1899 is released

The new poster features Maura Franklin (Emily Beecham), who is one of the migrants featured onboard the ship headed for the US.

She appears to be falling, and surrounding her, is a triangle of the ocean, further perpetuating the Bermuda Triangle connection.

On two sides of the ocean are ships. One is the Kerberos, which is the ship she is traveling on.

However, as Netflix points out, this ship is different.

“Is the second ship a reflection of the Kerberos or something else?” the streaming giant teases.

Along with the obvious triangle created by the ocean behind Maura, another triangle features behind the title for 1899.

Once again, Netflix teases fans about what it might mean, and it has certainly shown up in a previous trailer for the new series.

Already, some viewers wonder if it is the earth element symbol, an upturned triangle with a line through the bottom point.

Considering 1899 seems to be centered on a watery aspect (which is represented by the same triangle just upturned), this might make little sense. But, also, considering the creators involved, it might be a huge clue.

The new promotional poster for Netflix's 1899.
The new promotional poster for 1899. Pic credit: Netflix

When will 1899 air?

For those who are desperate to learn more about the mysteries involving 1899, the good news is that there isn’t long to wait.

1899 will premiere on November 17, which is now less than a month away.

In addition to this, there is also the possibility that this new series could run for more than one season.

1899 creator Jantje Friese recently explained to Entertainment Weekly that they were interested in presenting this story as a three-season arc, just like they did with Dark.

“And obviously, this will only happen if enough people watch, but the way that we approached development and how season 1 is ending, you kind of want to have another one. So hopefully, ultimately, that is happening. That’s how we laid it out as a plan, and let’s see if the world agrees.”

1899 will premiere on Netflix on November 17, 2022.

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