Netflix drops a new trailer for 1899, and already, viewers have theories

Promo image of a ship for Netflix's 1899
Promo image of a ship for 1899. Pic credit: Netflix

Last week, Netflix dropped a tantalizing trailer regarding its upcoming new series, 1899. At the time, not much was revealed as a series of confusing images played with a Morse code message over the top.

Thanks to some sleuthing, it was soon discovered that the Morse code read, “Teaser coming June 6, 1899.”

And, Netflix did not disappoint with a deeper look into the new show, created by the people behind their other mind-bending hit, Dark.

1899 trailer revealed

1899 is from creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar and their take on time travel with Dark delighted fans so much that they have been eagerly anticipating their new production.

The new series will see a bunch of migrants traveling from Europe to New York. However, “their journey takes an unexpected turn when they discover another migrant ship adrift on open sea,” according to the official synopsis from Netflix.

“What they will find on board, will turn their passage to the promised land into a horrifying nightmare.”

The series will unfold over eight episodes and, while the synopsis is intriguing, there had been little by way of new content to whet fans’ appetites.

Now, all that has changed with the release of the new trailer, which manages to give up more questions than answers.

The clip opens with the introduction of Maura Franklin (Emily Beecham) — or is it? She is standing in front of a mirror telling herself that as well as reminding herself of the date.

“I am Maura Franklin,” she says. “Today is October 19, 1899.”

She also looks down at a newspaper that’s headline reveals a ship called the Prometheus has been missing for four months.

Is Maura a member of this ship or is she really just pretending to be someone else to create a new life in New York?

Promo image for Netflix's 1899 featuring a strange message
Promo image for 1899 featuring a strange message. Pic credit: Netflix

1899 will not be a time-traveling series like Dark

As pointed out by Collider, 1899 will not involve time travel like Dark did. However, there will still be plenty of mystery for the audience to work their way through and the clip continues to show off more of what to expect — including a strange group tea party where everyone is synchronized.

In addition to this, triangles seem to be a main theme throughout the trailer and many have already wondered if the Bermuda Triangle will somehow be involved. Although, for that to happen, the ship would have to deviate quite significantly off-course from New York.

On Reddit, people are already discussing how the mystery will unfold and one Redditor points out that when the Prometheus went missing it is close to the Summer Solstice, so this could somehow tie into the series.

“Four months before October 19th takes us very close to the summer solstice, a date used on Dark,” They write. “Did the Prometheus disappear on the solstice?”

comment netflix
Pic credit: tdciago/Reddit

Fans were also hoping that the new trailer for 1899 would reveal a premiere date but, unfortunately not. Although, some fans are wondering if the date in the newspaper could actually be the drop date for the TV show.

The clip ends with the promise that the new series will drop later in the year but viewers will likely have to wait for another official announcement from Netflix to find out more.

1899 will air on Netflix later in the year.

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