Tragedy strikes on Treasure Quest: Snake Island ‘Mega’ episode

Tragedy strikes on Treasure Quest: Snake Island this week — as Discovery airs an extra-exciting episode as part of their Mega Week. As usual the drama focuses around survival and security Brett Tutor, who joined the Treasure Quest team this season. Watch two clips from tonight’s episode, in which Brett not only suffers a fall

Discovery’s Treasure Quest: Snake Island team held at gunpoint

The Treasure Quest: Snake Island team were left fearing for their lives during the filming of this week’s episode — after being held at gunpoint by two armed men. The team are hot on the trail of $400million of Inca Gold as their search leads them deep into the South American jungle. And after a string


Jesuit treasure map and Nazi lair on Treasure Quest: Snake Island

On tonight’s Treasure Quest: Snake Island, the hunt for $400million of Inca gold continues as the team uncover a possible Jesuit treasure map and a probable Nazi compound deep in the jungle. After leaving Snake Island off the coast of Brazil empty handed at the end of last season, the team are now hot on the