When does The Walking Dead Season 9 start this fall?

The Walking Dead Season 9 start date has nearly arrived. There is less than a month until the new episodes start rolling out on AMC. In fact, quite a few promotional commercials have made it onto the network in recent weeks. There are even new images up on the AMC website for the show, with

The Walking Dead Season 9 spoilers: Death of Rick Grimes information leaked

The Walking Dead Season 9 spoilers have allegedly revealed when the death of Rick Grimes is going to take place. An often reliable fan website called The Spoiling Dead Fans has posted some information on when Andrew Lincoln’s character will seemingly meet his fate. As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, this will likely be

The Walking Dead spoilers: Rick faces new threats in Season 9

The Walking Dead spoilers for Season 9 include some story threads that fans have been expecting. There will be big changes when the AMC hit returns and one of them may be the group leader. In a new report by Skybound, Walking Dead insider Johnny O’Dell opened the door on some plot points for the

When does Season 9 of The Walking Dead start on AMC?

The Walking Dead Season 9 start date is quite important for AMC. When the show returns in the fall, the countdown begins to when two key characters may leave the program. It could also spell the arrival of a time jump, taking the show further down the road with its main storylines. Previous reports addressed

The Walking Dead spoilers: Another cast member leaving the show

New The Walking Dead spoilers have caught a lot of fans off guard. It turns out that another original cast member is about to leave the show. An exclusive report by Collider confirmed that Andrew Lincoln is leaving The Walking Dead during Season 9. Lincoln plays Rick Grimes, who has been the central character for

The Walking Dead recap: The cult of no personality

Last we left The Walking Dead, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the group were left surrounded by a new group of survivors who are a more obnoxious camp than the Saviors, Kingdom, Alexandria, and the Hilltop combined — but they are armed and have numbers. They dwell in what appears to be a vast landfill and

The Walking Dead recap: Rick recruiting trip goes awry on Rock in the Road

The Walking Dead Season 7 mid-season premiere, Rock in the Road, aired last night picking from where the first half left off as it was clear that Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) group would be trying to bond the Hilltop and Kingdom communities with Alexandria in a unified effort to topple Negan and get out from

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman on StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman joins host Neil deGrasse Tyson on National Geographic Channel’s StarTalk tonight to discuss the latest season of the hit series. The comic book writer says he thinks the show has become so popular because he “made it a soap opera”. He said: “I was like what if zombies kiss