The Finest Hours Blu-ray review

Based on the true story, The Finest Hours features a talented ensemble cast and enough suspense to keep you hooked on the incredible story of survival. The film features a multi-layered plot to give the audience a rich story to enjoy rather than just another sinking ship drama. Based on The Finest Hours: The True

Review: The Finest Hours

Chris Pine does a fantastic job playing sheepish but inwardly courageous Coast Guard Bosun’s Mate Bernard “Bernie” Webber stationed in Chatham, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. Bernie is a good man, but is haunted by his failure to make it “over the bar” to save the crew of a stranded fishing boat a few years earlier.

Coast Guard boss praises crews in interview about The Finest Hours

Canadian Coast Guard Commissioner Jody Thomas has praised the bravery of crews in an interview with M&C about new movie The Finest Hours. Thomas told how the Canadian Coast Guard saves an average of 15 people every day of the year. She said: “The resilence required to do this kind of work is really quite