Holliday Grainger says effects in The Finest Hours are ‘amazing’: Interview

Holliday Grainger as Miriam Webber, the fiancee of a US Coast Guard crewman, in The Finest Hours

Holliday Grainger says she found the special effects in her new movie The Finest Hours “amazing”.

The movie is based on the true story of how the US Coast Guard went out to try and save 33 men at sea off Cape Cod in a terrible storm.

Holliday plays Miriam Webber, the fiancee of one of the crewmen sent out on the rescue mission.

And she said that because the film “feels and looks like an old movie”, when the special effects kick in they really allow you to suspend disbelief.

She said: “You believe the unbelievable, because this story was close to a miracle really, saving so many men in such horrendous conditions.

“When you see the effects and see the boat going through the waves you can’t believe that’s physically possible, but that happens.”

Watch our full Holliday Grainger interview here

Holliday said her character in the film goes from complete ignorance the dangers the Coast Guard put themselves through, to learning about it, getting scared by what she finds out, then having to deal with that fear and realise that what her fiance is doing is actually playing a “very important role in the world and in other people’s lives.”

But she added: “Not knowing the exact dangers that the Coast Guard go through every day, I feel like if you’re family’s in the Coast Guard…[whispers] maybe don’t watch this movie! Because it makes you go, ooooh, right, this is the potential!”

Holliday also praised her character Miriam for “totally defying social convention” with her forthright attitude in the face of men.

The movie also stars Chris Pine, Casey Affleck and Eric Bana. It is out now.

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