The Bachelor spoilers: Peter Weber’s relationship status revealed

Peter Weber’s journey to find love on The Bachelor has officially started airing, but we are unable to confirm the ending of the show. We simply don’t know who he has chosen or how the final episode played out. However, more details are surfacing about the finale filmed in November 2019. Now, Reality Steve can


Jimmy Kimmel’s Bachelor predictions: Who did he and his wife pick to win?

As he does every year, Jimmy Kimmel revealed his Bachelor predictions late last night – with possible help from his wife. As Peter Weber visited the show, Jimmy outlined the women he had picked to win this season. He had Hannah Ann, Madison, and Kelley as his top three – all women who had made


How does the Bachelor remember all the names during a rose ceremony?

During the first episode of The Bachelor, which was a 3-hour premiere episode, Peter Weber had to go through his first rose ceremony. He decided to send a handful of women home who he didn’t feel a connection with. Impressively, he knew them all by name, and everything went smoothly. Or, so it appears. As


Flanagan Bilton: What’s the company that Kelley works for on The Bachelor?

Kelley Flanagan is one of the women competing for Peter Weber’s heart on this season of The Bachelor. She works as an attorney at her father’s law firm, which was part of her introduction package during tonight’s premiere. As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Kelley works at her father’s law firm called Flanagan | Bilton