Revolve on The Bachelor: Viewers have mixed reactions to clothing line on the show

Peter Weber
Peter Weber’s group date involved Revolve. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber’s first group date during Episode 2 was cut short thanks to Hannah Brown’s appearance and emotional chat with the lead man, but the second group date went off without a hitch.

The women were asked to put together outfits that showed their personalities using clothes from Revolve and then walk in a fashion show. The show was judged by celebrity judges.

And while the women were thrilled at the opportunity to walk in the fashion show for the judges, viewers had mixed reactions to the fact that Revolve played such a big part of the date. It came across as product placement and the $20,000 prize being Revolve clothing changed the date into a competitive game.

Derek Peth, a former Bachelorette contestant, tweeted that it was self-aware reality television and that he wasn’t a fan of the date. In fact, he didn’t like how the idea that modeling clothes from Revolve helped identify the personality of a woman.

And he wasn’t alone in disliking the date. As one person pointed out, it didn’t seem like a fair date. Hannah Ann Sluss had previously worked with Revolve as part of her modeling career, sharing a few tagged Instagram posts.

But the date also sparked some hilarious reactions in regard to the influencer role some former contestants often take on. Many former Bachelor contestants become influencers, sharing products for companies, such as Fab Fit Fun. And one person stated that this almost seemed like a Revolve influencer audition.

But the date also brought out some questionable statements and viewers quickly guessed that some of the women were not there for the right reasons.

While Hannah Ann was determined to win the fashion show, other contestants continued to hope that Peter would give them some attention, resulting in people guessing that some of them may just be on the show for influencer work.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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