Southern England first up on Smithsonian Channel’s Aerial Britain, stunning footage

The incredible aerial footage from Smithsonian Channel is back, and this time it serves up the majesty of Britain by region and country. First up is the “beautiful South,” the southern portion of England where stunning gardens, cliffs, villages and beaches await. Southern England is considered the heartland of an empire. It was forged where

Drinks, Crime and Prohibition examines alcohol ban’s huge impact on American history

Nearly a hundred years after the US Government outlawed alcohol, Smithsonian Channel’s two-part limited series Drinks, Crime and Prohibition, examines the ban on alcohol in America, and the resultant windfalls and human carnage that it exacted. The era boasted the Speakeasy culture, the birth of cocktails (meant to mask the terrible quality of the booze)

Exclusive clips: Phil Keoghan’s no miss Aerial New Zealand is jaw-dropping fun

Reality TV host Phil Keoghan (The Amazing Race) has a fantastic new documentary airing tonight on Smithsonian Channel that shows off his native country, New Zealand. Europeans colonized New Zealand about sixty years AFTER the American Revolution! Despite how young the country is, New Zealand has given us all groundbreaking pioneers like Lord Ernest Rutherford (he split the

Robert Powell journeys back to find The Real Jesus Of Nazareth

The Real Jesus Of Nazareth is a new four part miniseries on Smithsonian Channel looking to the truth behind Jesus and his followers. This first episode looks at Jesus’ base of influence in his ministry and rise to prominence. Experts on the show theorise that it would have been the stories of miracles performed that would have