Review: Radiohead ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’

Radiohead needs no introduction as enigmatic experimentalists, evolving with each album while maintaining an unmistakable sonic thumbprint. What’s more, each release is felt through the music world as a landmark cultural event, which is why 2011’s opaque The King of Limbs came as a bit of a shock after 2007’s beautifully user-friendly In Rainbows. After


What We’re Listening To This Week 01/12/16

Check out the five new singles we’ve been really enjoying this week! Waka Flocka Flame–Ask Charlemagne: Waka Flocka ripping viola drones from The Velvet Underground? Never would’ve seen that coming. What’s more surprising is that it’s actually pretty good. The song revolves around a sample of VU’s “Venus In Furs” while Flocka spits his most


15 Spooky Songs For Halloween

It’s Halloween! Enjoy loads of candy and good scares! Here are 15 songs perfect for your spooky night! King Khan and the BBQ Show- Zombies So, not all Halloween songs have to scary and make you want to ball up in your bed and hide from the monsters. King Khan and the BBQ show are