Is MGK dead? Ligma death hoax falsely claims rapper Machine Gun Kelly has died

A celebrity death hoax claims Ohio rapper Machine Gun Kelly was found dead from a “ligma overdose”.   False tragedies related to “ligma” are becoming a trend in celebrity death hoaxes, with Gummo rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine said to have died in the same way last month. Earlier, professional gamer Ninja was also said to have passed away from


Rap Devil: Listen to Machine Gun Kelly respond to Eminem diss

It took less than a week for Machine Gun Kelly to respond after Eminem’s diss on the surprise album Kamikaze. Proving that he wasn’t about to let Marshall Mathers show him up, MGK quickly dropped the diss track Rap Devil, taking aim at nearly everything Eminem has ever done. Rap Devil is a play on