Rap Devil: Listen to Machine Gun Kelly respond to Eminem diss

Machine Gun Kelly responds to Eminem diss with Rap Devil
Eminem took swipes at a lot of rappers and Machine Gun Kelly has responded

It took less than a week for Machine Gun Kelly to respond after Eminem’s diss on the surprise album Kamikaze. Proving that he wasn’t about to let Marshall Mathers show him up, MGK quickly dropped the diss track Rap Devil, taking aim at nearly everything Eminem has ever done.

Rap Devil is a play on Eminem’s 2013 song Rap God and in it, he makes it very clear that the Detroit rapper used to be his idol. Machine Gun Kelly went so hard at Eminem that the two rappers may be at odds forever and anyone else wishing to respond to the endless hip-hop disses on Kamikaze will have to step it way up to even compete with MGK.

In the nearly 5-minute Rap Devil diss, Machine Gun Kelly talks about everything from Eminem’s daughter Hailey to his “weird beard” and he even called out Slim Shady for being “sober and bored.”

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Eminem was called out in Rap Devil for complaining about MGK during their last round of feuding, which happened six years ago.

He even said in the Eminem diss track that the Rap God artist called Diddy and Jimmy (presumably Iovine) demanding that Machine Gun Kelly apologizes for tweeting about the rapper’s daughter Hailey being hot, as that is what started the rift between them in the first place.

Machine Gun Kelly - Rap Devil

Prior to his tweet, Machine Gun Kelly often talked about how Eminem was one of his idols. He even said it was Slim Shady that inspired him to start writing raps in the first place.

When MGK dropped Rap Devil, he tweeted about it too, explaining why he decided to respond to Eminem.

“Im standing up for not just myself, but my generation,” Kelly tweeted. “I’m doing the same s**t you did back in ur day. life is still real on my side, and i had to take time from the grind to defend myself from someone i called an idol. love, Rap Devil.”

Does this mean an even bigger feud is brewing now that Machine Gun Kelly has responded to Eminem with a banger like Rap Devil? Stay tuned.

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