Is LL COOL J leaving NCIS: L.A.? Don’t leave us Sam Hanna!

LL COOL J leaving NCIS: L.A. became the worry of many viewers on Sunday night. In the first segment of the new episode, it alluded that NCIS Agent Sam Hanna might be nearing the end of his run. Sam and Callen (Chris O’Donnell) were sitting at a table going through applications of people who were


NCIS: LA cast hands out awards in funny superlatives video

A fun video of the NCIS: LA cast was posted on the YouTube and Twitter page for the show this weekend. In the video, fans can watch them answer interesting questions and hand out awards. The nearly four-minute video is called NCIS: Los Angeles Cast Superlatives and it has them answer questions like, “Who is


NCIS: Los Angeles star LL Cool J really dislikes paper straws

By night, LL Cool J plays Sam Hanna as part of the NCIS: Los Angeles cast. By day, he fights against the terrible paper straws that some businesses have begun using. Well, he doesn’t really fight against them, but he started up an amusing debate about them on Twitter this weekend. Ok enough of this