Michael Jackson’s estate says ongoing investigations will exonerate the late King of Pop

Michael Jackson’s estate has said that ongoing investigations into allegations made against the late King of Pop by Wade Robson and James Safechuck in the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland will exonerate him. Jackson’s children, Prince, Paris, and Prince Michael Jackson II (Blanket) have also said that they are investigating the accusers and exploring their legal


Aaron Carter and Michael Jackson: A look back at how they knew each other

After Aaron Carter hinted in an interview with TMZ on Thursday that he has a bombshell of his own to drop about Michael Jackson, people have been asking questions about his past relationship with the late pop star and how the two knew each other. It is known that Aaron spent a lot of time

Will you be able to watch Leaving Neverland documentary online?

Leaving Neverland premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last week, and since the premiere people around the country have been Googling frantically trying to find out where they can watch it. We previously told how Leaving Neverland is set to come out in March of this year on HBO. But, what about online streaming services?

How to watch the Leaving Neverland documentary: When does it air on HBO?

The new Michael Jackson documentary, Leaving Neverland, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah last week. It has caused quite the stir, as the documentary brings the child sex abuse allegations back to the surface, causing fans of Jackson to protest. All of the publicity is causing people to wonder how they can watch