How is Jason Momoa related to Zoe Kravitz?

In the fantasy world, Aquaman and Catwoman may not be related but in the world outside of superhero mythos, they actually are. Yesterday, news broke that Zoe Kravitz would be playing the role of Catwoman for Matt Reeves in The Batman. Soon after, Jason Momoa gave his Aquaman support for his family member joining DC.


Is Netflix making a God of War series with Jason Momoa?

If you have been on social media in the last few days, you have probably seen a poster circulating on Twitter featuring Jason Momoa as Kratos for a Netflix original God of War series. However, the poster has actually been circulating online since April 2018. It features a promo of Jason Momoa as Aquaman merged


Mananalu Water: What to know about Jason Momoa’s plastic-reducing water

Aquaman wants you to change your water drinking habits in a bid to save the earth. The strapping handsome actor who plays the iconic role, Jason Momoa, is using his fame platform in a really clever way to introduce a line of four waters – still, sparkling, alkaline and spring water – under the brand


Jason Momoa without his beard: Twitter reacts to his new shaved look after trim

A four-minute video posted to YouTube on Wednesday shows Aquaman star Jason Momoa shaving his famous beard for the first time in seven years for a worthy cause. Momoa explains he’s shaving his beard to raise awareness about the planetary scourge of plastic waste. “I’m just doing this [to] bring awareness that plastics are killing

Aquaman movie review: Deep blue something

If you’re tied of green screen superhero movies, at least you’ll enjoy Jason Momoa rolling his eyes at one in Aquaman. Your mileage may vary how far that goes during the two hour, 23 minute run time.  Whenever Aquaman comes to life you can see what kind of movie it could have been. The above

Exclusive interview: Aquaman director James Wan on his tongue-in-cheek movie

Three of the movies James Wan directed became franchises: Saw, Insidious and The Conjuring. That’s already an impressive track record, and then he directed the biggest Fast and the Furious movie ever, Furious 7. Aquaman is his latest film. Even though Aquaman was already part of the DC Comics franchise, and the fake movie Vincent

Jason Momoa hosts Saturday Night Live: Aquaman star brings the comedy

Aquaman star Jason Momoa is the host for Saturday Night Live this week. The dramatic actor is going to bring the NBC audience a lot of comedy on Saturday night. Ahead of the release of his movie Aquaman, Momoa is really getting himself out there. For most of the week, NBC has been airing advertisements