Jason Momoa YouTube channel will let fans follow Aquaman star as he tours the world

Jason Momoa is taking the cameras with him on his Aquaman tour. Pic credit: Jason Momoa/YouTube
Jason Momoa is taking the cameras with him on his Aquaman tour. Pic credit: Jason Momoa/YouTube

Are you hoping to see more of Aquaman star Jason Momoa? Now it’s possible because the hunky superstar is taking his show on the road and sharing many moments from his current tour with fans on a brand new YouTube channel.

This is the first time ever that Jason Momoa fans will get such an up close and personal behind-the-scenes look into his life, as the star travels the world promoting the new Aquaman movie.

Many fans already know that Jason loves to drink beer and he can throw a mean ax but did you know that, in addition to acting, he’s also a model, director, producer, and a writer? Viewers grew to love him as the iconic Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and now Momoa is adding even more fans as he joins forces in the DC Universe as the star of Aquaman.

He also owns a production company, Pride of Gypsies, and works in partnership with On The Roam, a production company that will be bringing this new YouTube series to us with all the behind-the-scenes Jason Momoa action, raw and uncut.

Jason Momoa’s YouTube channel is a week old, and already he’s taken fans with him to China and London as he makes his way around the world. So far, the response has been very positive with many viewers asking for more Momoa vlogs and content.

As for why Jason decided to put more of himself out there via YouTube, well he did it for the fans!

“All the shows that I went to I was tired of doing press instead have the audience kind of be there with you,” he said. “Just being able to show you another angle of what we do and so it [his YouTube channel] was put together and I was also tired of being misrepresented…you just go, ‘that’s not who I am’.”

Make sure to subscribe to Jason Momoa’s YouTube channel so you know when the Aquaman star posts new content.

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