Top 10 most awkward After the Final Rose moments in Bachelor history

The Bachelor franchise has given us no shortage of awkward, cringe worthy, want to look away but just can’t, peeking through our fingers, uncomfortable moments. The most awkward television is always live, which is exactly why After the Final Rose has given us the kind of moments we need a whole lot of boxed wine


Top 10 most dramatic finales in Bachelor history

The top 10 most dramatic Bachelor finales in history (we say “in history” as if the show has been around since Shakespeare roamed the planet) have given viewers exactly what they deserve after watching all season long. While some have been disappointing, leading to nothing but tears in the back of a black SUV and


The top 10 most dramatic moments in Bachelor history

The top 10 most dramatic moments in Bachelor history are difficult to narrow down because there are just so many juicy moments to unpack. Where is Chris Harrison with his ‘most dramatic moments in Bachelor history’ voice over? From windmill sex to almighty meltdowns, and from fence jumps to pulling the ole’ switcheroo, The Bachelor


The top 10 best Bachelors of all time, ranked

Ranking the top 10 Bachelors from The Bachelor franchise shouldn’t be that hard right? Every season, the producers try to convince audiences that their current Bachelor is #marriagegoals and has the full package. However, by the finale, viewers seem to be pretty much done with the lead and his entire personality. Reality television can be


The 10 biggest Bachelor Nation scandals of all time

Bachelor Nation has seen its fair share of scandals on and off-screen. What do you get when you have one person date 20-30 other people all at the same time, only to become engaged to one of them after just a couple months of knowing each other? One of the best reality shows in existence.