Is Captain Lorca from the ‘mirror universe’ on Star Trek: Discovery?

Star Trek: Discovery returns today on CBS All Access and it’s fair to say that the fan theories are coming in thick and fast. The mid-season finale saw the crew defeating the Klingon ship and warping out into what is seemingly unknown space. So unknown that not even Commander Saru could figure out where the

How will Star Trek: Discovery’s Harry Mudd differ from the original?

This week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery features the much-anticipated appearance of original series villain Harry Mudd. In the new series, Rainn Wilson will take on the role, which was originated by Roger C. Carmel. Harry Mudd made two appearances in the original Star Trek series and went on to appear again in the animated

Jason Isaacs’s Dig, a Chilling International Conspiracy Drama Reflects Reality

Jason Isaacs tackles a 2000 year conspiracy in Dig, a new miniseries from the makers of Homeland. Isaacs plays Peter Connelly, a Jerusalem based FBI agent investigating the murder of an American woman which leads him to an extraordinary, labyrinthine mystery involving international governments, religions and special interest groups. The series takes viewers around the


Field of Lost Shoes Reviewed

Grim scenes of slave auctions in Virginia, circa 1860’s take us right back to a callous, entitled time in the southern US when many households owned slaves. The southern Confederates were at war with the northern Unionists over statehood and lifestyle choices of the past few hundred years including their right to own human beings.