How Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s new Apple TV + docuseries teaches us to be ‘gutsy trailblazers’

Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton are further cementing their special mother-daughter bond by redefining what the word “gutsy” means to pioneering women, celebrities, community leaders, and everyday heroes.  The result is a multi-generational approach to their thought-provoking adventure; an eight-episode docuseries currently streaming on Apple TV +.  The personal stories take these two women to

Fahrenheit 11/9 movie review: There’s hope

In 2004, Michael Moore made Fahrenheit 9/11 to warm people not to re-elect George W. Bush. It did not work. Two presidents later he had to make the sequel, Fahrenheit 11/9 and I hope this does not need to become a trilogy. 30 years into his filmmaking career it’s safe to say Moore won’t reach

Nostradamus election prediction 2016: Clinton to be president not Trump

A History channel documentary last night looked in depth at Nostradamus’s predictions for the 2016 American presidential election — and concluded that Hillary Clinton was the candidate he foresaw to win. The makers of the show, Nostradamus: Election 2016, spoke with various experts on the 16th century seer about what he foresaw in the upcoming poll

Here’s Meryl Streep dressed up as Donald Trump. Yes, really

Meryl Streep has played some larger than life roles in her time — but probably none as over-the-top as Donald Trump. But she put and end to that last night at New York City’s Delacorte Theater, where she dressed up as the billionaire and 2016 republican presidential candidate for the Public Theater Gala. To get into

Kate Walsh on why she and KCET are urging voters to mobilize

This year’s tumultuous series of presidential primaries is heading into the home stretch. And looming largest of all is the crucial contest in California set for June 7. To spur voter turnout in what has been nicknamed the Big Enchilada primary, because so many delegates are up for grabs, Los Angeles public television station KCET