The Oxwood on Happiest Season: Is it a real bar?

Happiest Season, Hulu’s new holiday movie, was shot on location in Pennsylvania. The fresh flick, which stars Kristen Stewart as Abby and Mackenzie Davis as Abby’s girlfriend Harper, takes viewers all over the Pittsburgh area during this rom-com romp. One of the film’s most memorable locations is the Real Luck Cafe located in Pittsburgh’s The


Happiest Season locations: Where was it filmed and where is it set?

With the new original movie Happiest Season recently coming out, viewers are probably wondering more about the unique locations that the film incorporates. The movie, which debuted online, features a number of stars in the cast, with Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame leading the way. Her co-star is Mackenzie Davis, and the duo plays a


Happiest Season review: Did this new Hulu movie come out with joy?

The premise of Hulu’s Happiest Season rings hopeful: an inclusive Christmas with whomever you consider family. Neither politics nor prestige ultimately get in the way of the viewer searching for a contemporary version of It’s A Wonderful Life. No doubt this fact is especially important in 2020. The year hasn’t been very nice to a