Netflix cancels First Kill after only one season

For fans who were hoping to see more of Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis as vampire Juliette Fairmont and monster hunter Calliope Burns, there’s not a light at the end of this tunnel. First Kill was welcomed by many viewers when it was released in June 2022, amassing over 100 million viewing hours within


First Kill review: It’s supposed to be corny

Warning: This article contains spoilers for First Kill. Blooming romance: The first look, the first time you think about holding hands, the awkwardness of it all, the terrible first kisses— something that most people have experienced at some point in their lives, and for the most awkward experiences, it happens as teenagers. The awkward blooming


Sarah Catherine Hook reveals a ‘shower scene’ was cut from First Kill

Warning: This article contains spoilers for First Kill Season 1. First Kill is fulfilling dreams everywhere with its incredible monster story that includes a forbidden romance between a vampire and a hunter, who both happen to be teenage girls. The series gives LGBT+ viewers a look into the average romances often seen in teen series