Fear the Walking Dead: The second Walking Dead crossover is here

Last year, Fear the Walking Dead introduced Lennie James as Morgan, who came over from The Walking Dead. He appeared in a handful of episodes in the early seasons of the original show before becoming a regular, only to leave at the conclusion of the All Out War storyline because he’d grown tired of war


Fear the Walking Dead Season 5, episode 1 recap: Here to Help

So here we are, Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead is underway and the premiere episode takes no time jumping right into the action as Morgan and his crew come crashing in. Look, up in the sky! Max (Ethan Suess) and Dylan (Cooper Dodson), two young boys making their way through the wasteland, are

Alicia on Fear the Walking Dead: All you need to know about actress who plays her

Alycia Debnam-Carey is the actress behind Alicia Clark on Fear The Walking Dead. The 25-year-old also played Commander Lexa in The 100, but despite being best known for those two roles she has an impressive background in the arts. Born in 1993 in Australia, Alycia has acted since she was just eight-years-old and attended a high

Who is Mercedes Mason, Ofelia Salazar from Fear the Walking Dead?

Strong and determined Fear the Walking Dead favorite Ofelia Salazar returns to the show this week — but who is Mercedes Mason the actress who plays her? Mercedes was born in Sweden in 1983 and then emigrated to America with her parents at age 12. The family settled in Chicago where Mercedes was discovered by

Who is Daniel Sharman, Troy Otto in Fear the Walking Dead?

AMC has billed Fear the Walking Dead’s newest edition Troy Otto as a ‘wild and charismatic character, with a cruel streak’ but just who is Daniel Sharman who plays him? Daniel was born in Aril 1986 in London, England. He started acting at a young age, joining The Royal Shakespeare Company from age nine on

Who is Dominic Bogart, Joe from Fear the Walking Dead?

Dominic Bogart (no relation to Humphrey) is joining the cast of AMC’s popular Walking Dead spin-off Fear the Walking Dead as Joe, but what has he done before? Ohio-born, Dominic grew up on a horse farm racing thoroughbreds and playing football. It was the adrenalin rush from performing that persuaded Dominic to follow his brothers