RIP The Internet: HARD Summer 2016 Lineup Revealed

When the internet dies, the world falls apart and a handful of electronic music’s finest are convinced they are Diplo, then it must be time for HARD Summer 2016. Following their biggest HARD Summer last year (which you can read about from our coverage), the company’s looking to outdo themselves with their best lineup yet,


Destructo: Exclusive interview at Ship2Ship, Avalon Hollywood

Imagine a cruise dedicated to the very best in dance music, which is also one of the most exclusive, unique experiences in live music – period. Now imagine you can’t go on either of its two voyages due to extremely high demand. Or, if you are able to go, you just want to feel the hype that surrounds


Interview: Destructo Part II

When I walked into Gary Richard’s dressing room, he is showing his friends his new track “Freak”, a slick House tune that sounded great within his Destructo set earlier at HARD Red Rocks. He thinks it could use some female vocals but I enjoyed how it sounded already as it is, Richards was excited for


Grilled Cheese & Bass: HARD Summer 2015 Review and Photo Gallery

If you weren’t careful at this year’s HARD Summer Music Festival, located at the leviathan that is the Pomona Fairplex, then you probably missed a lot of cool stuff. Whether it was Jack Black dancing around onstage with Die Antwoord, Justin Bieber performing onstage with super duo Jack Ü or The Chemical Brothers blowing away


Live Review: HARD Red Rocks 7/30/2015

There is no place like Red Rocks, the beautiful auditorium sits within three massive boulders in the mountains of Morrison, Colorado that can only be reached by winding trails and tiny roads. The music reverberates against the rocks to produce some of the most vibrant sounds I’ve heard at an outdoor venue. Which makes it

Destructo Announces Pineapple Express Tour

HARD SUMMER frontman, Destructo, is back at it again, with more pineapple action. Referencing his appearance as the spiky fruit back in the wildly popular 2014 Hard Summer Official Trailer, Destructo will be headlining what he has named the Pineapple Express Tour. The tour will hit major cities like Toronto and Pheonix, and will end


Destructo Live at Exchange May 9, 2015

The palatial main room of Downtown Los Angeles’ Exchange was dark, lit only by multicolored spotlights, lasers and a massive LED display behind the stage. Gary Richards looks at his packed crowd behind the DJ Decks, he’s smiling, because he knows what will happen when the song kicks back in. This past Saturday Richards, or