Sandy Huong Pham: Who is the actress in Da 5 Bloods?

Da 5 Bloods is the latest success from Spike Lee showcasing the director’s ability to be on-point with American struggles. The film could also mean another Oscar for him, following Blackkklansman.  In our review, we discussed how the film possessed strong character relationships as well as stellar acting from everyone involved. Most of all, Delroy Lindo


Da 5 Bloods review: Is Netflix movie worth watching or not?

As a director, Spike Lee has never shied away from confronting topics of race, injustice, and politics head-on. After years of perfecting a balance between entertainment and gospel, Lee has somehow found that sweet spot. It was demonstrated in the Oscar-Nominated Blackkklansman, and here it is pushed further with Da 5 Bloods. Even though Lee