Sandy Huong Pham: Who is the actress in Da 5 Bloods?

Sandy Huong Pham as Michon and Clarke Peters as Otis in Da 5 Bloods
Sandy Huong Pham as Michon and Clarke Peters as Otis in Da 5 Bloods. Pic credit: Netflix

Da 5 Bloods is the latest success from Spike Lee showcasing the director’s ability to be on-point with American struggles. The film could also mean another Oscar for him, following Blackkklansman. 

In our review, we discussed how the film possessed strong character relationships as well as stellar acting from everyone involved. Most of all, Delroy Lindo gave an Oscar-contending performance.

The other actor who shined brightly in the film is Clarke Peters. His character Otis discovered that during his time in Vietnam, he was the father to a child who he created with a Vietnamese prostitute. He never knew he had a girl.

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His daughter Michon, played by Sandy Huong Pham, has been singled out since the film released, Netflix viewers have been curious about who the actress is and where they have seen her before.

Here is everything to know about Sandy Huong Pham from Da 5 Bloods.

Who is Sandy Huong Pham, actress who plays Michon in Da 5 Bloods?

Currently, Sandy Huong Pham has no other film credits to her name besides Da 5 Bloods. The Spike Lee movie marks her debut as a working actress, allowing her first experience as a performer to be seen by a major streaming audience.

What is known, based on her online presence, is that Pham works for a travel company called Connect To Asia. Her LinkedIn profile indicates she is the Director of Sales.

The profile also indicates she studied at Bach Viet College located in Aligarh, Vietnam. However, even though no educational focus was listed, given her career trajectory, it is most likely business-related.

And just like her character in Da 5 Bloods, she can speak English as well as Vietnamese.

Spike Lee might have added her to the film while location scouting in Asia.

Tweet by Sandy Huong Pham
Tweet by Sandy Huong Pham

More about Sandy Huong Pham from Da 5 Bloods

As far as her social media presence, Pham can be found on all major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Her latest updates indicate her excitement for Da 5 Bloods popularity. The film is in the Top 10 on Netflix in both Vietnam and in the USA.

This newly discovered talent also seems to enjoy spending time outdoors. Her photos on all of her social media outlets show the star visiting beaches, jungles, and other outdoor vacation spots.

Given her job, the love for travel and adventure makes complete sense.

Faceook post of Sandy Huong Pham zip-lining.
Faceook post of Sandy Huong Pham zip-lining.

What does the future hold for Pham? It’s hard to say since she is such a fresh face in a crowded industry.

Still it is abundantly clear that Pham loves what she does. She seems to be living a full life full of adventure, and will likely continue to do so regardless of if or when she makes movies in the future.

Da 5 Bloods is now streaming on Netflix.

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