The Walking Dead: Rosita mentioned Abraham — what did her disturbing dream really mean?

It’s always jarring to viewers when a long-dead and much-loved character from The Walking Dead just comes up in casual conversation. And, in last Sunday’s episode, it was Abraham’s (Michael Cudlitz) turn. In passing, Abraham’s ex-girlfriend, Rosita (Christian Serratos), mentioned him while talking to Carol (Melissa McBride). The pair were out tracking down horses at


The Walking Dead: Will the writers kill off Rosita Espinosa in Season 10?

The writers for The Walking Dead decided to keep the character of Rosita Espinosa alive through the pike episode of the show. That was where she was killed off in the comics, falling victim to Alpha and her minions. As Season 10 progresses on AMC, the writers seem to be hinting that Rosita could be

Who got killed on The Walking Dead? Whose heads were on pikes?

The names of who got killed on The Walking Dead are tough to remember when 10 characters ended up dying during the fair. Though the characters whose heads were on pikes at the end of the episode slightly differed from the comic books, it was still a dramatic ending to Season 9, episode 15. The