Kim’s Convenience will end after Season 5

Fans of the Canadian sitcom Kim’s Convenience have been met with some disappointing news. Although the series was previously renewed for two more seasons, it now appears as though the show will be closing its doors after Season 5.  Kim’s Convenience follows a Korean-Canadian family, the Kims, and their lives while running a convenience store

Jessi Cruickshank on hosting Season 3 of Canada’s Smartest Person

Few of us can say we were born in an A&W restaurant. But multiple award-winning TV host, comedienne and philanthropist Jessi Cruickshank can. Maybe her unusual entrance gave her zest for showmanship. It’s certainly apparent in CBC’s daytime series The Goods, a light-hearted melange of trends, food, fashion, style and wellness and on her primetime

Elyse Levesque on her role as risk-taking reporter in CBC’s Shoot the Messenger

An ambitious young Toronto newspaper reporter uncovers a story that has huge implications reaching the highest political office, a web of Somali gangsters and, for herself, imminent danger. The CBC’s gritty new crime drama Shoot the Messenger stars Elyse Levesque as Daisy Channing as the risk-taking reporter who will do anything to get the story.

Lyriq Bent on gritty new CBC series Shoot the Messenger

Sudz Sutherland and Jennifer Holness launch their new set-in-Toronto series Shoot the Messenger tonight. Set in the gritty world of gangs and police, Daisy Channing played by Elyse Levesque is a promising rookie newspaper reporter assigned to her first murder case. Thing is, she has a personal connection to the shooting of an alleged Somali