Beyond Oak Island: The search for Aztec and Inca gold in Spanish galleons

This week’s episode of Beyond Oak Island was one of the more fascinating as the guys joined in on the hunt for sunken Aztec and Inca gold off the coast of Florida. The Lagina’s asked an old friend, diver John Chatterton onto the show to discuss his work on hunting for treasure on old shipwrecks.


Beyond Oak Island: In treasure hunting it’s not always finders keepers losers weepers

This week on Beyond Oak Island, the guys discussed the battles and arguments treasure hunters have to endure when they find something truly groundbreaking or valuable. This episode focuses on the tragic tales where treasure hunting descends into the seedy world of greed and backstabbing. They reveal it’s rarely a simple case of finders keepers,


Beyond Oak Island: The search for stolen pirate silver in East Texas

The first episode of Beyond Oak Island finally graced our screens last night, and if the series continues like this, it’s gonna be both educational and a helluva lot of fun. The format of the show was essentially split into two parts. In the first part, we were introduced to treasure hunter Christian Roper, who