Review: Jaga Jazzist ‘Starfire’

I have always loved the free-form art that is jazz. It’s soulful, emotional, and you can still completely “rock out.” It’s a bit dark and mysterious and for anyone without a trained ear it can be extremely difficult to follow at times. When I first heard that there was an experimental jazz group, my interest

Review: Squarepusher ‘Damogen Furies’ Album

Tom Jenkinson, better known as Squarepusher, is constantly blowing our minds, and consequently probably blowing our ear drums out as well. With each new release, he tweaks his sound, and like any good musician, he tries to push himself forward and does something new each time. “Damogen Furies” is his first solo LP in three


M&C Music: What We Were Listening To In February 2015

Compiled by Bella Elbaum, Ethan Goodman and Kieran MacIntyre What’s better than music AND lists? When they come together! Every month the M&C Music staff will make a lists of the music we have been listening to. For February we have a lot of new, old and everything in between! Bella Elbaum Of Montreal –