Sir David Attenborough rocks Glastonbury with Seven Worlds, One Planet, watch it here!

The scene at Glastonbury became electric as Sir David Attenborough made an impromptu appearance to plug his latest masterpiece from BBC entitled Seven Worlds, One Planet, a visual celebration of Earth’s seven continents and the unique gifts each possesses. Attenborough is a devoted conservationist whose body of work celebrates Earth and all the natural world.

Who are the Ice Warriors on Doctor Who?

Tonight’s episode of Doctor Who sees the return of the Ice Warriors. But who are they and where do they come from? The Ice Warriors first appeared on Doctor Who back in 1967 in an six-part story called The Ice Warriors. The Warriors would face off against Patrick Trougton’s second Doctor Who on two occasions

Doctor Who monsters and villains we’d love to see return

Today sees the premiere of a new series of Doctor Who on both BBC 1 and BBC America, with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor getting a new companion in Pearl Mackie’s Bill Potts. Over the years, The Doctor has defeated the Daleks and Cybermen over and over again, but there are also lots of other villains and

Oona Chaplin and her Taboo character Zilpha Geary: Everything you need to know

Haunting, seductive, cunning and bereft of overt emotions, Oona Chaplin brings a deliciously deep dive of innate talent to her role as a seemingly contended well-to-do English lady, Zilpha Geary, on FX’s collaborative (partnered with BBC and Sonar), evocative and gritty period drama Taboo. Chaplin — the granddaughter of British silent film star Charlie Chaplin