Why was Eric Beale not in the NCIS: Los Angeles series finale?

The NCIS: Los Angeles series finale had several glaring omissions during the series finale. While the show brought back some familiar faces like Nell Jones (Renee Felice Smith), some absences were also felt. Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) didn’t appear in the final episodes, but a storyline about rescuing her played out. With Nell appearing in


NCIS: Los Angeles star Barrett Foa gets a new show

Former NCIS: Los Angeles cast member Barrett Foa will be on a new show. For years, Barret played Eric Beale on the hit CBS drama. Beale was an NCIS Technical Operator for the Los Angeles-based team. Beale also worked closely with NCIS Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones, who actress Renee Felice Smith played on the show.


What happened to Eric Beale on NCIS: Los Angeles? Where was Barrett Foa?

NCIS: Los Angeles returned on Sunday night, but Tech Operator Eric Beale was missing. Actor Barrett Foa did not appear on the Season 12 opener, raising a lot of questions about his character and if the actor had left the show. Fans should keep in mind, though, that this isn’t the first time that a


NCIS: LA cast hands out awards in funny superlatives video

A fun video of the NCIS: LA cast was posted on the YouTube and Twitter page for the show this weekend. In the video, fans can watch them answer interesting questions and hand out awards. The nearly four-minute video is called NCIS: Los Angeles Cast Superlatives and it has them answer questions like, “Who is


NCIS: Los Angeles — Will Nell and Eric start a family?

NCIS: Los Angeles could be entering new territory in the near future. Could that include Nell and Eric starting a family? Would the writers possibly have Nell become pregnant during the back end of Season 11? During the last episode of the show, there were several scenes involving Nell and/or Hetty Lange that showed how


Did Eric Beale leave NCIS: LA? Here’s what happened with Barrett Foa

Eric Beale has been missing from the NCIS: LA cast and fans are starting to notice. Actor Barrett Foa hasn’t had as many scenes as usual during Season 11, despite being a very important piece of the NCIS team. It is even more noticeable that Eric hasn’t been sharing more scenes with his significant other,