Testament, Exodus, Death Angel cancel show in Italy after coronavirus outbreak

thrash metal band testament performs
The metal bands Testament, Exodus, and Death Angel canceled a Milan concert due to the coronavirus outbreak in Italy. Pic credit: @testamentofficial/Instagram

The thrash metal bands Testament, Exodus, and Death Angel, currently touring in Europe, have announced they have canceled their show scheduled to take place on Tuesday, February 25, in Milan, Italy.

The news comes as concerns continue over the coronavirus spreading in Italy and elsewhere around the world.

Testament, Exodus, and Death Angel cancel concert

For loyal fans of rock bands, a concert event is always an exciting attraction. Thrash metal bands Testament, Exodus, and Death Angel were scheduled to perform today at the Trezzo Live Club as part of the European leg of their The Bay Strikes Back 2020 tour.

However, following the alarm over the spread of the coronavirus infection in the country, the authorities canceled events where a large number of people were expected to gather.

This forced Live Club Trezzo to cancel the concert and other upcoming events at the center until the local authorities give permission for them to resume.

Live Club Trezzo issued a press release announcing the cancellation. Testament and Exodus posted the press release on their Instagram.

Testament’s Instagram post included a video with the caption:

“Milan Italy, we’re very sorry we had to cancel tonight’s show. Please see our Facebook page for the full statement from the Italian government. We will be looking forward to rescheduling and seeing you guys soon! In the meantime stay safe, and stay healthy.”

The official Death Angel Instagram also posted a notice of the canceled concert.

“We’re sorry to announce that the show in Milano, Italy has been CANCELED, due to an outbreak of the coronavirus. But the show must go on! Tonight we’re in Zurich, Switzerland! See you in the pit!”

According to Metal Sucks, the cancellation affects only Milan in Italy. The three bands are expected to continue their tour in Barcelona and Madrid in Spain where the concerts are scheduled to take place on February 27, and February 28, respectively.

The bands will start the North American leg of their tour with The Black Dahlia Murder and Municipal Waste in Phoenix, Arizona on April 20.

Italy has been worst hit by the coronavirus outbreak in Europe

The announcement comes after several people were diagnosed with coronavirus infection in Italy. Milan’s region of Lombardy is the worst hit in Italy so far.

The Local reported that the number of coronavirus deaths in Italy reached 10 on Tuesday. The deaths reached 10 after officials reported three more deaths in the northern region of Lombardy. The number of infections is also reportedly surging.

Many towns in the Italian region of Lombardy are currently under lockdown.

According to The Local, ten towns in Lombardy and one in Veneto are under lockdown, with the residents prohibited from leaving. Entry into the towns is also being restricted.

The local authorizes have canceled public events, such as concert events. They have also ordered bars, restaurants, and cinemas to close due to the situation.

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