Nick Cannon’s The Invitation: What do the lyrics say?

Nick Cannon in New York 2019
Nick Cannon and his ex-wife Mariah Carey have had an ongoing feud with Eminem. Pic credit: ©Imagecollect.com / Zumapress

The long-brewing feud between fellow rappers, Nick Cannon and Eminem, was reignited recently. The dispute going back years involves a claim by Eminem that he once dated Cannon’s ex-wife Mariah Carey. A claim that’s been disputed by both Carey and Cannon.

The two rappers appeared to have more or less buried the hatchet until an interview this July, where Cannon brought the beef up when chatting with T.I.

Eminem then stirred things up on a new song called Lord Above by Fat Joe, featuring himself and Dre. In his verse, Eminem threw insults at Carey and Cannon.

Nick Cannon then responded with The Invitation featuring Suge Knight, Hitman Holla, Charlie Clips, and Prince Eazy. In the song, they all fire shots at Eminem.

What do the lyrics say?

The song’s intro begins with Suge Knight demanding Eminem prove himself in a rap battle and has some profanity thrown in for good measure “Eminem’s a b****h” are the last 3 words in the intro.

In verse 1, Cannon first warns Fat Joe to stay out of this feud. He then attacks Eminem’s family by name, “Call Kim, somebody get Hailie/ And that other kid you raisin’, that ain’t even your baby.” Here he’s referencing ex-wife Kim and their daughter, followed by Mathers adoptive children.

Hitman Holla takes over for verse 2 and relentlessly mocks Eminem’s name, comparing his name to chocolate M&Ms, he calls him a nut. He then goes on to back Cannon in any battle with Eminem saying: “He call Hit, and I come with the mop and get on my custodian s**t,” meaning he’d have to clean up the mess after Cannon is finished with him.

In verse 3, Charlie Clips also encourages Cannon, “Come on, Nick, that’s Marshall, you don’t need help.” He also references the Glock Eminem rapped about in Lord Above, he says he’s armed too: “What? Is he out of his mind? I got a Glock.”

Prince Eazy, in verse 4, raps about how Eminem never recovered from Mariah Carey dissing him in her 2009 song Obsessed, supposedly about Eminem’s obsession with her.

In the outro, Suge Knight takes back over and calls Eminem the new Vanilla Ice. He then raps that Cannon is “gonna beat the dogs**t out of him.”

He finishes up by singing that Eminem has 24 hours to respond: “We should tell the motherf**kers in Detroit he got twenty-four hours to respond or they need kick his ass out that mothaf**kin’ city.”

An online slagging match then ensued on Twitter.

We shall see where the fight goes next.

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