Nick Cannon drops Eminem diss track titled ‘Canceled: Invitation’ and calls him ‘the KKK of this generation’ 

Rapper Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon dropped another Eminem diss track. Pic credit:

Nick Cannon and Eminem’s feud appears to be continuing.

Cannon dropped another diss track in which he calls Eminem “the KKK of this generation.”

Cannon doesn’t pull any punches in his in the track dubbed as “Canceled Invitation.” The track references alleged lyrics from an unreleased old Eminem track from before he became a star, according to TMZ.

In the track, Eminem allegedly rapped that “Black girls are b*****s… black girls are dumb.”

Cannon also accused Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, of treating his black friends like “indentured slaves.”

Cannon’s new diss track also references other lyrics from Eminem’s old unreleased track in which he allegedly called Mariah Carey choice words like “slut,” “w***e,” and “c***.”

The AGT host claimed that he was exposing Eminem’s racism and misogyny to let the black community and black women know the truth about Eminem.

This is the third diss track from Cannon after Eminem dissed Cannon and Carey in Lord Above.

Monsters & Critics reported earlier in the month that Eminem dissed Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon in the song, Lord Above, released on December 6 with Fat Joe and Dre, from their album Family Ties.

Cannon responded to Eminem’s diss in Lord Above with a diss track of his own released on December 9. The diss track, titled The Invitation, features Suge Knight, Hitman Holla, Prince Eazy, and Charlie Clips. In the song, Cannon poked fun at Eminem over his past battle with drug addiction.

Eminem then took to Twitter to respond to Cannon. The two rappers then had a brief exchange online.

Cannon later released another diss track, titled Pray for Him, on December 10.

Will Eminem now respond with a track of his own after this third release from Nick Cannon? Stay tuned, because some fans, like the one above, think that a new Eminem album could be coming out soon.

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