Kid Rock promises fans and ‘haters’ his ‘best record and tour ever’ are coming

Kid Rock promises fans and 'haters' his 'best record and tour ever' is coming
Kid Rock is making some new music. Pic credit: Kid Rock/YouTube

Kid Rock has had a rough week. After he went on a drunken rant, where he insulted Oprah Winfrey in a performance, he ended up taking the full brunt of cancel culture.

However, Kid Rock won’t be canceled. While he has offered up an explanation of his Oprah rant and chose to leave Detroit behind, the singer/songwriter said he is about to record a new album.

It all started on Dec. 4 when he took to Twitter and said that all the “BS going on” has started to get his blood pumping again. He said that he now has a lot of “songwriting fuel for a new record.”

According to Rock, he will release the new album and go on tour in 2021.

He also said that he has “no corporate sponsors, no label” and then promised that he will “go the f*ck off.”

Kid Rock then doubled down on that by saying that this will be his “best record and tour ever” and that all his haters better “be shaking in your boots.” He also promised not to let his supporters and fans down.

That is very big talk because Kid Rock is one of the music world’s most successful artists. He has released 11 studio albums and has sold 25 million albums in the United States and over 35 million worldwide.

His breakout hit came in 1998 with his fourth album, Devil Without a Cause. That was 11-times platinum, meaning it sold over 11 million units in the United States alone.

His follow-up albums were also huge, with Cocky going five-times platinum, Kid Rock going platinum, Rock n Roll Jesus going three-times platinum, and Born Free going platinum.

Rebel Soul went gold in 2012 but his last two albums did not even reach gold level. However, First Kiss reached number two on the Billboard charts and Sweet Southern Sugar reached the eighth spot.

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