Joyner Lucas’ Will video drops on YouTube: Will Smith reacts to rapper’s tribute video

joyner lucas in will adhd video
Rapper Joyner Lucas in his new video Will (ADHD). Pic credit: Joyner Lucas/YouTube

The creativity of rapper Joyner Lucas continues to impress as he brings out clever new tracks and videos to match them when hip-hop fans are least expecting them.

The latest is Joyner Lucas’ Will (ADHD), complete with a video that pays tribute to none other than one of the original pioneers of hip-hop, Will Smith.

Joyner Lucas releases Will (ADHD) video

Over the years, Will Smith has unleashed plenty of classic rap songs, ranging from early hits like Parent’s Just Don’t Understand to newer radio tracks including Miami, Gettin’ Jiggy Wit’ It, and Just the Two of Us.

Not only did Smith give the world those musical gems, but he also blessed people with visuals. Not only were there great music videos, but his catalog includes his classic sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and movies such as Men In Black and Bad Boys, among others.

Rapper Joyner Lucas is paying tribute to the iconic star through his new video called Will (ADHD). Throughout his new musical montage, viewers see the hip-hop star jumping in and out of classic roles that Smith held down, including the aforementioned Fresh Prince, Agent J from MIB, and Mike Lowrey from Bad Boys.

The song and video close out with words of wisdom and an appearance from Will Smith himself.

“Thank you for helping me build my wall. Sincerely, Joyner Lucas,” is shown written on the screen as a final note.

Will Smith responds to new Joyner Lucas video

A humbled Will Smith posted a response video on his official Instagram account on Wednesday.

“Joyner Lucas, Yo…That joint is crazy,” Smith says. “Dude, I am humbled and, and honored,” Smith adds.

“You know one of the lines you say in there, ‘you inspire people, and you don’t even know it,’…you know it has been my intention from day one to really go into the world and just put positive energy and to be able to use my creation to you know, inspire, and elevate and empower,” Smith tells Lucas.

“Brother again, humbled, and hope to meet you one day,” Smith closes his reaction video with, as he gives respect to the hip-hop artist’s new work.

The new Joyner Lucas video Will (ADHD) has clearly captured plenty of attention online and it became one of the top trending videos on YouTube with nearly 1.5 million views as of this report.

In addition, Joyner Lucas was among Twitter’s top trends, as it had plenty of people talking. The creativity is real, and it’s great to see a hip-hop pioneer enjoying the work of one of a newer generation’s underrated stars.

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