Joyner Lucas’ Devil’s Work Video Is Here: References 2PAC, Nipsey Hussle, & Donald Trump

joyner lucas in new devils work adhd music video
Hip-hop star Joyner Lucas’ new Devil’s Work (ADHD) video is now online. Pic credit: joyner lucas/YouTube

On Thursday, East coast hip-hop star Joyner Lucas’ Devil’s Work (ADHD) music video officially arrived online.

It brought with it plenty of attention based on the numerous references to other musical stars, political figures, and the current president. In addition, it brought reaction online from fans and even singer Rihanna.

New Joyner Lucas video for Devil’s Work (ADHD)

The Joyner Lucas video arrived on social media Thursday bringing with it some interesting visuals and references. Lucas is seen in a church walking through the aisle between pews.

He has plenty on his mind in Devil’s Work, a song which contains a frustrated outcry and explicit lyrics.

“Dear Lord I got questions and need answers,” Lucas opens with it as he goes deep into his lyrics. “Everywhere I turn I see emcees vanish,” he raps later, as he continues his attempt to ask God for answers.

Photos of Tupac, Michael Jackson, Notorious B.I.G., Big Pun, and XXXTentacion are shown in the church on top of caskets. Lucas suggests God is “cherry picking” which people he takes from the world.

Lucas goes on to make further suggestions where God could give back certain individuals and take others away instead. That includes taking troubled singer R Kelly, shady entrepreneur Martin Shkreli, and current U.S. President Donald Trump.

Aaliyah, Eazy-E, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Suge Knight are also mentioned or make appearances in the video’s photos.

Lucas brings up Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman in his lyrics as he continues to plead with God to give back those who lost their lives early and take someone else instead.

New Joyner Lucas video praised by Rihanna, others

The new music video from Joyner Lucas garnered plenty of attention for its controversial heat on Thursday night.

Among those who offered words of praise was none other than singer Rihanna. She tweeted out a one minute clip of the video on Thursday evening.

Rihanna captioned it with, “just Incase y’all missed this moment for the culture from da homie @joynerlucas.”

Actress Mercedes Morris who stars in Netflix’s upcoming Slasher Season 3 also retweeted the music video, adding her praise in the caption (below).

Lucas’ initial tweet around Thursday afternoon with the new video asked: “Am I the only one who feels this way?” Hours later, it’s received nearly 20,000 Likes and over 8,500 retweets. There’s also 900 comments and counting.

The comments on Joyner’s music video post are mostly in favor of the song and visuals. Some viewers question Lucas for including Michael Jackson or forgetting about Mac Miller in the song.

At least a few others suggest some of those who lost their lives were too good for this planet.

One commenter added the interesting thought, “None of us would value life if God didn’t limit the time.”

Love it or hate it, Joyner Lucas’ Devil’s Work video and song are helping people become a bit more introspective today.

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