Genesis are reuniting for the first time in 13 years with 2020 tour

Genesis on the red carpet
Genesis is on the road again for the first time in 13-years. Pic credit: © Globe-Photos

British progressive rock band Genesis is set for a return to the stage, they have announced they’ll be reuniting for a tour of the UK and Ireland in 2020.

This will be their first tour in 13-years.

Phil Collins, Tony Banks, and Mike Rutherford made the exciting announcement on a BBC Radio breakfast show on Wednesday morning.

The band has not played together since the end of the Turn It on Again tour in 2007; fingers crossed they haven’t forgotten how.

The Last Domino Tour, will consist of the classic trio of Collins, Rutherford, and Banks, but will also be joined by Phil’s 18-year-old son Nicholas who has been recruited to play the drums, and on guitar and bass will be long-time associate Daryl Stuermer.

Genesis has announced 10 dates

They have announced ten dates in total, nine of which will occur across the UK (two in London), and the tenth date will be in Dublin, Ireland, where the tour will begin on November 16.

The guys will finish up in Glasgow, Scotland, on December 11.

So far, we’ve not heard of the possibility of any more dates being added. If you do feel like taking a trip to the UK next fall to hear some old favorites (I mean, what’s the point if they don’t play I Can’t Dance?), you can pick up tickets online.

Their announcement was later confirmed on Instagram with a video playing classic tune Invisible Touch with a cartoon of dominoes falling followed by a list of some of the biggest venues.

Genesis had hinted at a possible reform

The band has posted cryptic hints on social media of late; just ahead of the announcement, they put an old photo on Instagram of Banks, Collins, and Rutherford.

It had the caption, “and then there were three,” which was also the name of the first album they released as a trio in 1978.

The band was originally formed at a boarding school in England in 1967 and has had many members, including Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett.

In an interview in 2018, Collins said he would only consider a reunion on the condition that his son Nicholas joined them to play the drums because he didn’t think he was “capable” of performing drums himself.

Phil got his way in the end.

Of course, the biggest and greatest Phil Collins news of last year, was obviously, the discovery of a Jesus statue in a Mexican church that looked like the spitting image of the Genesis frontman.

It certainly was a revelation.

Genesis won’t be the only old school band to pick up their instruments in 2020 after a long hiatus; Chemical Romance announced back in January that their first tour since 2011 would commence this fall.

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