Drake Not Around: New song leaks online after When To Say When and Chicago Freestyle music videos

drake releases new songs online
Drake released several new songs over the weekend. Pic credit: Drake/YouTube

It’s becoming a rarity not to hear Drake music in a 24-hour time period. Over the past weekend, several new songs have arrived, including the new Drake Not Around song.

It was one of three songs that surfaced along with two others, When To Say When and Chicago Freestyle, that the rapper gave to the fans.

New Drake song Not Around hits the internet

Drake may not have released it himself, but a new song from the rapper surfaced on Sunday called Not Around.

The new song is just over three minutes long and features a mellow piano-backed beat courtesy of producer Pi’erre Bourne.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, the song chronicles Drake’s situation with a stripper.

Drake raps as part of the verse:

You know you important n’ s–t
You know I’m supporting this s–t
We used to do pornos when you would come over but now you got morals n’ s–t
I got, like, four on the wrist
And an adorable kid

Fans can listen to the new Drake song Not Around streaming on SoundCloud.

Drake also leaked back-to-back songs himself

Not Around was just the latest from the continually growing catalog of Drake bangers. On Saturday, March 29, Drizzy gave fans two new songs and a video.

He first announced the leaks on Instagram, giving fans the word to head over to his Soundcloud. That was followed up by both songs arriving in a new Drake YouTube video.

One song is called When To Say When, which Drake alluded to in a December interview, per CNN. The other is called Chicago Freestyle. So far, both songs have been well received by fans.

The YouTube video isn’t just the new music playing but actual videos to give some visuals with the new Drake songs.

Drake teasing a new album coming soon?

Chicago Freestyle and When to Say When came straight from Drake, as a way to prepare fans for new music.

The song Not Around didn’t come directly from Drake but surfaced from elsewhere. The rapper also teased fans with an interesting image on Sunday night.

In a simple black and white Instagram photo, Drake poses the question, “When?” That would seem to suggest he’s hinting at “when’s the new album coming?”

One fan replied, “You tell us” and picked up over 300 Likes indicating that the hunger is there for the new music.

Back on Christmas Day, Drake was featured in a lengthy Rap Radar interview. During that talk, he not only mentioned his beef with Pusha T and Kanye West but also that he was taking his time on some new music.

Taking his time could mean many things in Drake-speak, as he’s almost always on the radio, whether it’s his own track or a guest on someone else’s.

More recently, he spoke about the fact he’s working on finishing up the new album.

During a recent NBA game that he attended for his home area Raptors, Drake also said it would be more concise in terms of total tracks. His most recent album release Scorpion had 25 songs and no shortage of music to choose from.

The song Life is Good featuring rapper Future is on rotation almost everywhere right now. In January the new song Desires arrived, also from Drake and Future. The new songs are starting to pick up, and 2020 appears to be another Drake album year.

Based on these seemingly out-of-nowhere Drake song releases, fans know to expect new music at just about any moment from the hip-hop star, so stay tuned.

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