Alanis Morissette and Jimmy Fallon surprise Subway users with undercover busking

Alanis Morissette and Jimmy Fallon busking in disguise
Alanis Morissette and Jimmy Fallon gave a surprise performance in an NYC subway station. Pic credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
/ YouTube

The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon and Canadian alt-rock legend Alanis Morissette treated travelers to a surprise musical performance on the subway platform beneath Rockefeller Center in New York.

Donning disguises, which included false beards, wigs, over-sized sunglasses, and hats, the talk show host and singer fooled passing commuters.

Having set up a makeshift stage, Fallon, disguising his voice by using a deeper tone, said into a microphone, “Good evening, everybody.” He continued: “we’d like to sing a couple of songs for you, we hope you enjoy. Happy holidays.”

Leading on vocals, Alanis burst into a rendition of The Little Drummer Boy with Jimmy playing on a miniature drum. Alanis’s talented singing started to draw a small but intrigued crowd, and when they finished the song, they received healthy applause.

It was at this point that the two stars dramatically revealed themselves. Fallon wished their audience a “happy holidays” and then pulled off his hat and the fake beard: “My name is Jimmy Fallon,” he announced, followed by “and this is Alanis Morissette.” Cheers and gasps of delight echoed around the subway walls.

The crowd cheered and shrieked with delight as Morrisette launched into a performance of her 1995 smash hit You Oughta Know. Fallon ran round the makeshift stage holding the microphone out to the crowd, encouraging them to join in with the sing-along.

Crowds of commuters ran towards the singing and cheering singer with their camera phones held aloft. By the time she finished her performance, a massive crowd had gathered, and she received a huge ovation.

Jimmy thanked the crowd and said, “Happy Holidays and goodnight,” making it clear there would be no more of the ’90s alt-rock singing legend on the platform that night.


The impromptu performance came a few days after Morisette announced a world tour starting June 2020. The tour, which is celebrating 25 years of Jagged Little Pill, will feature other ’90s alt-rock legends such as Liz Phair and Garbage.

She is also releasing her ninth album next year, Such Pretty Forks in the Road, her first since 2012.

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