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Wrinkles the Clown’s phone number: What happens when you call it?

wrinkles the clown from documentary trailer
Real-life Wrinkles the Clown has a phone number still. Pic credit: NBC/YouTube

The story of creepy Wrinkles the Clown will be featured in an upcoming documentary film thanks to an ambitious film studio. It will tell the true story of a retired older man who began dressing up as a clown — but not your typical one.

Parents and others would call the real-life Wrinkles the Clown’s phone number to get him to do various offbeat things, including scaring people. So who is he and is that phone number for real?

Who is Wrinkles the Clown?

The man behind Wrinkles the Clown is based out of Florida. When in character he wears a creepy clown face mask and full clown costume. He sometimes carries around an assortment of balloons, including a red one. However, he’s not just some sort of IT/Pennywise wannabe or Killer Klownz from Outerspace fan.

He’s actually a clown for hire and went viral in 2014 based on his gig in Florida. There’s now a Wrinkles the Clown documentary film arriving in early October to tell more of his story. If you haven’t seen it yet, the documentary’s trailer is well worth a watch.

In a 2015 video, a news team did a story and spoke with the anonymous individual behind Wrinkles, who said his main goal was “just have a good time and make a little extra money on the side.”

Parents of kids who wanted to scare them silly or friends who want to pull a scary prank on their friends would call up Wrinkles the Clown’s phone number. From there, they would put in their request before Wrinkles ultimately did his gig, for a fee. There wasn’t any harm necessarily, but Wrinkles went viral due to his creepy nature.

What happens with Wrinkles the Clown’s phone number when you call now?

As shown several times in the new documentary’s trailer, and as per a recent Tampa Bay Times report, the Wrinkles the Clown phone number is (407) 734-0254. It’s a real number and actually still works. When The Times called they heard a voicemail greeting and left messages — but say they never received a reply.

Our own call to Wrinkles resulted in his quick voicemail in which he identifies himself as Wrinkles the Clown, indicates he’s not there, and asks callers to leave a message after the beep. There’s also a creepy laugh to close out his voicemail.

A video went viral several years ago in which two guys called up the number and left a prank voicemail for Wrinkles. Check out the audio to hear the away message on Wrinkles’ phone, or call it up yourself.

It seems like if you call Wrinkles’ number, you could potentially still get in touch with the popular clown-for-hire today. However, people living outside of the Florida area probably won’t get very far in terms of hiring him for out-of-state scares as he’s never known to have ventured elsewhere.

The new Wrinkles the Clown movie will be available in theaters and on-demand as of October 4. See more details at the official website.

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Josiah Jensen
Josiah Jensen
2 years ago

It fake it not working clown change it’s number

2 years ago

nah it worked just let it ring first and maybe you will here and if he changed his number it would say this number is unavailable.

1 year ago

Yeah it worked you just got to let it ring