Who plays the Uber driver on Old Dads? An Academy Award nominee appears on Netflix movie

Bruce Dern at the Once upon a Time in Hollywood premiere.
Bruce Dern at the Once upon a Time in Hollywood premiere. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Birdie Thompson/Admedia

Old Dads, a new movie on Netflix, has caused a stir this weekend due to Bill Burr’s aggressive comedy style. The film features a star-studded cast, including a recognizable face who plays an Uber driver.

The story follows three middle-aged men who feel disconnected from the constantly evolving world.

Burr portrays an angry father who is quick to explode over any passive-aggressive comment or even a random kid on a scooter.

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Like Burr’s stand-up comedy, Old Dads also incorporates offensive language and has little interest in millennial or Gen Z culture.

Bill Burr, who writes and directs the film, brings in an Academy Award nominee towards the end to add another layer to the story.

So, who is the Uber driver in Old Dads? Here’s what Netflix viewers should know.

The Uber Driver from Old Dads

The old and disgruntled Uber Driver in Old Dads is none other than the highly regarded Bruce Dern.

In the movie, the 87-year-old actor plays Richie, a disgruntled Uber driver who might as well be the 80-year-old doppelganger of Burr’s character Jack.

Minor spoilers for Old Dads. In the sequence, Jack, Connor (Bobby Cannavale), and Mike (Bokeem Woodbine) exit a gentlemen’s club and have to make a fast trip to the hospital because Jack’s wife is in labor.

Old Dads | A Netflix Film From Director Bill Burr | Official Trailer | Netflix

Dern’s character, Richie, answers the Uber, and Jack gets an ugly look at what he might become in 30 years while on the trip.

Like all his roles, the two-time Academy Award nominee knows how to deliver a performance, even if the film does not rise to his talent.

More about Bruce Dern from Old Dads

Bruce Dern has had a successful career since the 1960s, with almost 200 credits. You might recognize the movie icon from some of his past works.

His impressive list of credits includes classic TV shows such as Gunsmoke and Bonanza and memorable films like Mulholland Drive by David Lynch.

Despite never winning an Oscar, the talented actor was nominated twice: once for Best Supporting Actor in Coming Home and once for Best Actor in Nebraska.

Even at 87, Bruce Dern still has four films currently in post-production, including a movie called Robot Dracula, where he plays a character named “Van Sellsing.”

Bruce Dern also has a new TV show coming soon to Apple+ called Palm Royale, where he will star alongside his daughter, Laura Dern.

Old Dads is now available for streaming on Netflix.

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