Lola Burr and Nia Hill: Everything to know about Bill Burr’s daughter and wife from Paper Tiger

Lola Burr at the beach on left, Bill Burr and wife Nia Hill at premiere of Relativity Media's 'Black or White' on the right.
Lola Burr at the beach on left, Bill Burr and wife Nia Hill at the premiere of Relativity Media’s ‘Black or White’ on the right. Pic credit: Nia Hill’s Instagram/@ImageCollect/Acepixs

The latest Netflix comedic stand-up, Bill Burr: Paper Tiger, dropped yesterday on the platform, and once again, a talented comedian pulled no punches.

In the special, Burr stirs the pot for about half of the special taking aim at outrage culture and other sensitive timely topics.

However, his routine did not consist entirely of poking the outrage bear. Burr also touched on personal issues in his home, such as trying to be a husband and father, while also battling anger issues.

Curious to know more about Bill Burr’s wife and daughter. Here is everything to know about Lola Burr and wife Nia Hill.

Who is Bill Burr’s wife, Nia Hill?

Nia Hill is a comedian just like her husband. The two are said to have wed back in 2013 and have remained a strong couple ever since. This is even though he pokes fun at her during his routines.

For example, in Paper Tiger, he dishes on her need to fix his behavior as a husband saying:

“I’m a happily married man, yes I am. I love my wife to death. I love everything about being f****** married, but I’ll tell you this right now, we do fight a lot. We do argue all the time. If I’ve learned anything in five years of being married, it is we’re always working on me.”

Outside of his comedy routine though, Burr indicates that he is truly blessed to be with Nia and does everything he possibly can to make her happy. As he told Boston Magazine back in 2017 about being a husband as well as a father:

“Anything you can do that will make your wife happy is a great thing, and that’s about the greatest thing you can do. I was worried that I was too old to do it, so the fact that the plumbing still worked was a relief.”

In one of his podcasts, he opens about the first time they hooked up, but he does not specify the date or place. He does describe how another man kept trying to prevent him from being with Nia to the point of offering to split a cab with her and leaving Burr behind.

However, she ended up taking the cab with Burr himself and making out the rest of the night at a bar. The man who was trying to block Burr got left behind instead.

Nia is also no stranger to the Netflix platform. Most viewers will recognize her voice from the animated series F is for Family where she does the voice for Georgia Roosevelt.

She also has made other television appearances in HBO’s Crashing as herself, Santa Clarita Diet, and a television movie called Divorce: A Love Story.

Meet Bill Burr’s daughter Lola

Bill Burr and Nia Hill’s daughter Lola Burr was born back in 2017. They both seem to cherish her dearly judging by social media and interviews. In the same interview with Boston Magazine, he conveys his joys of being a parent explaining, “I was very excited. Believe it or not, I always wanted to be a dad.”

He also talked about how relieved he is by having a daughter during one of his MMP Podcasts telling his listeners:

“…and I got to tell you, after watching all the kids, I’m kind of psyched I had a daughter. Little girls, they’re like little adults. They sit there, they’re emotionally stable. The little boys, they’re f****** lunatics.”

Even more impressive, at 2-years-old, little Lola Burr is already going to the movies with her father. Sometimes, the experience can be too intense for her to handle.

They both had to walk out of Dumbo because watching elephants getting tortured in live-action is harder on a child than seeing it in animation. Here is that discussion with Conan O’Brien below.

Despite having concerns about his anger problems, Bill Burr genuinely seems like a devoted father and husband. And because he and his wife are both comedians, the relationship dynamic has the appearance of being perfectly imperfect.

One can imagine as Lola gets older, Burr will only get better material for like-minded parents in the future.

Bill Burr: Paper Tiger is now streaming on Netflix.

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